Rocket League-How to unlock trading on Epic

If you're ever met with a mistake like this (image below) while trying to trade Rocket League for the primary time it means you've got not yet unlocked the power to try to do that on your Free 2 Play account. you'll get to purchase a minimum of 500 credits within the in-game store before you're ready to trade. during this guide, we'll show you ways to try to do that in 5 steps.


How to enable Trading in Rocket League Epic Games Version?

In this short tutorial, we'll guide you step by the tread on the way to enable trading on your Rocket League Epic Games Version.

1.Enter the in-game store from the most menu.

It's located on the left side of your home screen.

2.Purchase a minimum of 500 Credits

The purchase of a minimum of 500 Rocket League Credits is required. We recommend choosing the Starter Pack as your first purchase, the package contains 500 credits you'd normally get PLUS some additional items.

3.Pick your favorite Payment Method

You will then be asked to settle on one among the payment methods available in your country. confine mind that the method might differ counting on which payment method you select.

4.Receive Credits and Enable Trading

Everything's done! Now you'll trade with other users and accept items from RL Exchange!

5.Buy New Shiny Items on RL Exchange

Now that your Trading is enabled you'll enjoy Cheap Items on Rocket League

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