Learn how to leave a Party in Rocket League

There are many reasons to go away a celebration in Rocket League. Sometimes the squad you're in is unbalanced. Your teammates don't see the way you see the sport. Maybe your team didn't do so well within the daily tournaments, but the sport put you beat an equivalent party. It could even be something as simple as just a change of scenery. Whatever reason it's going to be, here's the way to leave your party in Rocket League.


The simplest way is from the most menu. Check the very bottom of the screen, next to where Rocket League shows your player icon and banner. If you're during a party, you ought to see a minimum of another tab on your screen next to your name. If you do not see that, then you're either not during a party, or you're during a party all by yourself. At the top of the tabs near where your profile is, there should be a gray circle with a touch browsing it. Clicking that button will prompt you to go away from your current party. Select yes you're sure, and you have done it.

If you would like to go away from your party mid-game, press the button to mention your options menu. The profile tabs should appear on the rock bottom of the screen again. Clicking that very same circle with a touch through it should once more ask if you would like to go away from your current party. Select yes, and you'll have left.

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